Soil Stabilization

What Happens When Your Soil Stabilization Fails?

When it comes to civil construction even the experts can get it wrong!

With Australia having adverse weather conditions can you be 100% sure the materials provided to undertake that job are actually suitable for every condition?





Australian Nanotech Pty Ltd took a different approach, using nanoparticles and a patented recipe we can now alter those materials characteristics at a molecular level to do exactly what we want it to do!

Knowing now that every soil has different characteristics, that means every job is different from the last. To help us eliminate the guess work, every Nanotech job we undertake firstly has to have that locations soil tested at an accredited laboratory so we know the exact recipe of nanoparticles to administrate.

This now enables us to help slow down if not in some cases stop the effects caused by mother nature!