Dust Suppression

Un-Managed Dust Is Dangerous!

People can be exposed to dust almost anywhere on a mine site, but activities such as drilling, blasting, hauling, stockpiling and crushing of ore have the potential to create unacceptable dust exposures if not controlled.

Wet ore or concentrates will reduce dust exposure, but people can be exposed to dust from dried spilled material, or generated from tailings storage facilities, product stockpiles and during product transfer.

Some metals that are mined or present as processing reagents are potentially toxic if inhaled or ingested, such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Hazardous gases and mists such as sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia can also be generated in process plants and refineries. Fibrous minerals such as crocidolite, chrysotile and grunerite can be encountered during exploration and mining… [Read more from link below]


How Can We Manage Dust?

Australian NanoTech Pty Ltd along with its parent company Nanotech International Corp (NTI) have an environmental solution which controls such issues.