Exciting times ahead.. Nano-Airports are coming soon to Australian NanoTech (here is a sneak peek)


Designed for continuous Boeing 737 Aircraft use, can also land  767’s (Apron in design can house 1 x 767 and 1 x 737 or 2 x 737 (Apron size would need to be increased for more 767’s)

Runway Length: 2500 M
Runway Width: 45 M
Taxiway Width: 23 M
Clearance Zone: 7.5 M



With the latest airport lighting system that is 100% Solar Powered, airport or pilot controlled, CASA, CAA, FAA approved, having a fully operational airport is closer that you think.

Australian Nanotech’s complete turn key airport is only months away!

Perfect for Mines, Rural Townships, Remote Farmers, Cattle Stations and Governments.